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Janet K.
The name really does this place justice. If you're in the mood for a bagel in the Great Neck area, then you're going to get the "best" bagels right here! They have a wide variety of fresh bagels which you can get regular or flat. They have different kinds of sandwiches also. I get the tuna sandwich sometimes which is pretty good, but nothing beats their sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes.
Jess L.
My family and I have been coming here for years and years. We never leave Great Neck without getting a bunch of bagels. The white fish and the sable are also good -- though the price is on the higher side of life. They are attuned to quality and want to help you get in and get out as quickly as possible. I don't necessarily choose to eat in the store because there's always a crowd, but they do manage to pack in a bit of seating given the space.
Joanna K.
Whenever my mom comes back into the country (she lives in Asia), one of the first things we do is head to Best Bagels to grab a dozen plain (half flat, half regular) bagels. We've loved this place since we first lived in Great Neck (oh, about 15 years now), and it's a ritual for my mom. The bagels are, no joke, the best bagels I've had (which may be because I grew up with them and this is what I want my bagels to be like), and my mom's visits give me an excuse to gorge on the giant chewy masses of carbs.
Ricky R.
I used to go to the “Bagelman” of Great Neck when was I was back on Long Island, but after going here, I'll brave the Middle Neck Rd crowds for one (or more) of their bagels. Crusty, chewy, doughy, tasty, flavorful is how bagels should be. A good test is to just have a fresh plain bagel and see how much love is in there. I always go for cream cheese, nova and tomato with a little salt/pepper. This place does it right; recommended. And the staff is friendly and efficient.
C W.
Best Bagels is great; exactly what you want when you want to get fresh bagels from a real bagel place. The bagels are delicious, the have an excellent variety, and the flats are out of this world. They also have great lunch specials at reasonable prices. One of the best things about best bagels though is the staff; always friendly, always helpful...they get your order right...they do it quick...and with a smile on their face. It doesn’t matter if its the end of the day...or if they just opened in the morning...everyone there always makes you feel like they are glad to see you. My one and only gripe is that “Everything bagels” don’t have salt on them...What’s up with that? It has everything in the name...put the salt on it.